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Different Types of Hawks

Here are some pictures of different types of hawks.  You can use these images to identify which kind of hawks you are looking at if you are ever bird watching or hawk hunting.

buteo hawk picture
This picture is of a buteo hawk.

grassland hawk
This is a picture of a grassland hawk.

red shouldered hawk
This picture is of a red shouldered hawk.

red tailed hawk
This photo is of a red tailed hawk sitting in the top of a spruce tree.

sharp shinned hawk
This picture is of a hawk called a sharp shinned hawk.

sparrow hawk
Here’s a photo of a sparrow hawk sitting in a white birch tree.

taxien hawk
The hawks in this photo are referred to as taxien hawks.

red tailed hawk on poll
Here’s another image of a red-tailed hawk.  This one is perched on top of a telephone pole.

red tailed hawk photo
and here is one more photo of a red tailed hawk.  This guy is perched on a powerline.

Hawks Flying Pictures

Other than the eagle, few predators are as as graceful and magnificent while flying as the hawk.  Here are some pictures of hawks flying.

hawk with wings spread
This picture shows a hawk flyiing with it’s wings completely spread out.

hawk grabbing prey
This is an awesome picture of a hawk swooping down with its talons out ready to grab its prey.  It could be about to capture a field mouse or possibly a fish.  I would hate to see this sight if I was a small animal looking up in the air.

red tailed hawks flying
Here’s a photo of two red-tailed hawks flying in the air.

red tailed hawks in the sky
Here is another angle of the hawks flying in the air, but this time they are coming straight at you!  Notice the massive wingspan of the bottom hawk.