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Closeup Pictures of Hawks

This website will be all about one of my favorite birds, hawks!  We sill explore the different types of hawks and show you pictures of each kind so you will be able to identify different kinds of hawks when you see them.   My hometown school has adopted the Redhawk as its mascot because redhawks, red-tailed hawks, and red-shouldered hawks are prevalent around this part of the country.

For my first post I’d like to post some close up pictures of hawks’ faces.  I’ve always been fascinated by the head of hawks.

hawk face pic
Here’s a picture of a hawk’s head and he’s looking right at you, face to face.

grassland hawk
Here’s a picture of a grassland hawk’s head and face.

hawk head up close
Here’s a picture of a hawk’s head extremely closeup.  You can look right into his eye.  Now you can see why people have the nickname Hawkeye.

red tailed hawk face
Here’s another picture of a red-tailed hawk’s face from a different angle.  You can see the curve of the beak really good in this photo.